Duck Ragu with Sweet Potato Gnocchi


This is a date night dinner - a little bit fancy, a little bit rich and very delicious. The duck has been roasted, the remaining bones simmered to a rich stock and then both the stock and the shredded duck are combined with spices, juicy tomatoes and sour cherries into a decadent Italian-style ragu.

The gnocchi is handmade at Lemon Delicious, made with real potatoes and organic flour. It was inspired by the gnocchi cooking class I did at Farmhouse Kitchen in Wattle Grove, and a far cry from supermarket gnocchi. The dish is finished with a fluffy of Parmesan cheese though I did set aside a couple of dairy-free dishes if anyone prefers. 

So buy a bolognaise sauce for the kids, a bottle of wine and the Duck Ragu for you, and enjoy a delicious dinner in.

Defrost and reheat gently.

Ingredients: Duck, potato, sweet potato, carrots, onions, sour cherries, organic flour (wheat), Parmesan cheese, garlic, red wine, tomato, spices, herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper.