About Lemon Delicious

The Lemon Delicious mission is simple - to provide you with great tasting, nutrient dense meals - as unprocessed and fresh as they can be - so you and your family can eat healthy food even when you aren't able to cook it for yourself.

I want you to be able to use your time and talents to make our bit of the world a better place. If cooking is your talent, you don't need us. But if it isn't, and you would rather spend your time doing other, more important things with those you love, then Lemon Delicious has you covered.

Lemon Delicious delivers delicious, nutritious and easy dinners, sides and the occasional sweetie to your home or work every week. The Lemon Delicious menu evolves with the seasons, changing regularly to take advantage of seasonal produce and to keep your meals varied and interesting.

Lemon Delicious is not about food fads or restrictive diets. It is all about delivering great tasting food - as unprocessed and fresh as it can be - so you and your family can eat healthy food even when you aren't able to cook it for yourself.

I believe everyone should eat well at home regardless of their circumstances.  By eating well, I mean eating food that is home made with love from fresh, ethically grown ingredients. So when I visit my elderly parent's-in-law and find they can no longer cook for themselves, or my amazing nieces (both hard working mothers with young families) who just can't find the time to cook like they want to, I can't help but want to help. And to me, helping means delivering soul and body nourishing meals to those that need it.

So that's how Lemon Delicious was born. 

What about me?

As well as being a girl with a boy's name, I am Canadian born to American parents. But, having spent most of my life in Tasmania, I am Australian in my heart. Tassie is my home and I love it. I live on (and operate Lemon Delicious from ) five acres in Margate with my husband Roger, our dog Uki, and cat Bo and our three, occasionally visiting, grown up children, Katie, Nick and Alex. 

I have worked as a nursing home cook, a hotel chef and a recipe developer for the Australian Women's Weekly. Most recently I was a Tasmanian public servant. My husband and I also own and operate a food stall called Gypsy Rolls at Salamanca Market every Saturday.

I love cooking, feeding people, and eating. I am always thinking about the next meal, even in the middle of the current one. Lemon Delicious is the perfect creative outlet for me, and potentially a life saver for you!