Pomegranate Lamb


I love this Persian lamb. It takes three days to prepare (but only a few minutes for you to reheat), and it is so worth it. First the lamb is brined for 24 hours. Then it is slow cooked in pomegranate molasses with chickpeas until super tender before being left to infuse in its pomegranatey sauce for another 24 hours. The chickpeas become rich and creamy, the lamb soft and tender, taking on all the sweet, savoury, sour flavours of the pomegranate. This recipe comes from Michael Solomonov's cookbook Zahar. We served a Koonya Wells goat version of this at the Dark Mofo Winter Feast on a bed of hummus but it is equally good with mash, pita bread or even pasta. Just add some greens for a complete dinner.

Defrost and reheat in microwave or on the stove until hot.

Ingredients: Lamb, chickpeas, pomegranate juice, allspice, fennel, garlic, parsley, pepper, salt, sugar.