Why Lemon Delicious?

Lovingly prepared dinner deliciousness. Healthy frozen meals in your freezer - ready to eat whenever you need them.

Time. We would all like an extra 8 hours each week, just for us.

The average Australian spends about 8 hours each week just getting meals on the table. Lemon Delicious gives you back this time. What could you do with an extra day each week?

Health. We all want to eat healthy, nourishing, nutrition dense meals

All Lemon Delicious meals are made by hand with 100% real food - not a preservative, additive or artificial anything in sight. So you can be assured every meal will excite your taste buds and nourish your body.

Variety. We all want more variety, more spice, more excitment

New menu items are added every week. You will always have some new deliciousness to savour and enjoy.

Choice. Sometimes we just want someone else to make the decisions.

"What's for dinner?" Its the everyday endlessness of this question that leave you lost for answers. With an ever changing, always healthy menu, all you need to do is 'click' and you have an answer every time.

Serenity. We can all feel a little overwhelmed at times.

With Lemon Delicious planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and delivering your meals, dinner time is now one less thing you have to worry about.

Generosity. Dinners make a great gift.

Are you, or someone you know, a little busier than usual? A new baby or job? Moving house? Illness? Just knowing there is a meal prepared can make all the difference. Give someone you love a (Lemon) delicious gift.